Monday, December 26, 2011

Dick Morris - The Great Charlatan

                Since Bill Clinton’s exit in 2000, there has been one man attempting to resuscitate his image, and has done so quite effectively with all considered.  This man is none other than the president’s former consultant, Dick Morris.  If the Republican Party wants to blame any one person for ensuring that they lost the 1996 election, they need not look farther than this pudgy, red faced man.  Were it not for him, it is quite possible that Clinton would have lost.  In fact, according to Dick Morris, it was he that brought Clinton back from “being buried in a landslide.” 

                After Morris resigned from the Clinton administration because of an interesting dealing with a prostitute and a conversation with the president in 1996, he set off then as a man who was a Conservative at heart and had simply helped the Clintons because it was his job.  Or, another explanation he has given, that he became disillusioned with the power couple.  If anything, there is something rather convenient about his change of heart with the end of the decade, especially considering that he had not aided Clinton in simply one election but two. 

                It was with this change in his view, he suddenly became the best friend to a number of conservative commentators, most notably Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.  With this publicity he has gained a voice in Republican politics that should sicken many who are aware of his utterly contradictory past.  A man who fought against the Republicans, now one of them.  A Liberal who ensured the longevity of a president that many disliked, now a Conservative Populist.  If it doesn’t strike you as more than odd that he is still talking at Conservative engagements and events, I ask you to pause and think for a moment. 

                Not only does he now have stock in the Conservative Movement, but he has the audacity to attack those who are more welcomed and worthy of being part of it than he himself.  In an article he wrote nearly a year ago, “Newt’s Right” the closet Liberal attacked Paul Ryan’s plan as “suicidal”.  More recently he recently made a video claiming that Ron Paul is more Liberal than Obama.  While both attacks were ridiculous on their own accord it was only more so when the man couldn’t get his facts straight on either. 

                The time has come for this sad little man to be evicted from the house he has intruded.  Dick Morris is not a Conservative, he is not an intelligent man, and he should not be featured by Conservatives.  The Insiders have got to go if we are going to win this election and Morris is at the least a wannabe-insider.  In short, it’s time to clean house, starting with Dick. 

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