Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Must Defend Capitalism Morally

                Too often do we Conservatives end up forgetting that many people are not governed solely by Logic and Reason.  Whether it is a sad fact or not isn’t the issue.  Rather, what has harmed many and has left many would-be-Free-Market-defenders declawed is the fact that for the most part, the defense of it has been based only on logic.  While all the facts and theories stand in our favor, they still leave us wanting.

                The fact remains that we are in many ways left open to the attack of Morality.  What are we supposed to do when a socialist responds to our logical claims for the free Market with, “Well what do you think Jesus would want us to do?” or “It is the responsibility for each of us to give to his fellow man,” as justifications for Welfare and the rest of the social safety nets?  In many ways we can’t say much.  With many of us being followers of some religion or another, we can’t help but recognize the fact that our faiths desire us to be charitable. 

                And so this is why there is a need for an ethical foundation for Capitalism.  We cannot hope to gain support merely by battling with Logic – we are not merely analytical, cut and dry creatures.  As humans we possess an inherent need to have some moral guidance in which we can apply to our daily lives.  And so it is necessary for us to show how Capitalism is the only Moral economic system in existence.

                Here we have to look at all the other economic systems.  Communism, Feudalism, Socialism, Welfare statism (which is really just a branch of socialism), and then the Mixed Economy are all immoral in their own way.  In Capitalism, all men are given equal rights.  One man isn’t viewed by the government as more worthy of protection than another.  With this asserted, we have to see how men are treated in this system.  In Capitalism, Individuals trade as that – Individuals.  They aren’t serfs sacrificial to the king are they?  They aren’t the Individuals sacrificial to the Commune are they?  No.  This is why Capitalism is the only Moral System, instead of a sacrificial animal, he is a man, and he is an Individual who can’t be coerced by Force. 

                How can the Left fight this morally?  The Jesus issue isn’t even relevant because Jesus would never have Forced anyone to do anything for the “Greater Good” – that  was their choice.  The responsibility to each other doesn’t mean that we should be forced to do things for others – that would be our choice.  Socialists would say they wouldn’t force Individuals to do such things, but it is a lie.  In Socialism and Communism the only way they achieve their ends is by force and violence.  For proof of such, look at Russia. 

                It is time for us to embrace this approach.  It time for us to fight the Left with an appeal to both logos and ethos.  We will never convince and defeat every collectivist, but we can do better than we are.  It is time for the idea of the Controlled economy to be destroyed and that will only be done by this – proving that Capitalism is the ONLY Morally correct economic system.  Until we embrace this, we will fail. 

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