Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Economic Plan

Slash and Burn Plan

15% Flat Income Tax (Will be reduced by 5% after the first year to 10%, then by another 5% by the second year, then again after the third year, and by the fourth year the income tax will be at 0%)
3% Sales Tax (Will remain at 3%, no change over time)
7% corporate tax (Will remain at 7%, no change over time)
Elimination of the current tax code will remove all tax-cuts, tax breaks, and subsidies, effectively ending legal tax evasion.

First Year:
1. Closing of the following departments:
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Commerce
  • IRS (Upon the Income Tax becoming 0%)
2. Repealing of all regulations passed by Congress and enforced by the EPA since 1990
3. Opening of all federally held land to oil drilling (Land will be purchasable at market rates, effectively denying inept companies from obtaining special privileges)
4. A Balanced Budget Amendment will be passed within congress then sent to the states for Ratification.
5. Defense Spending Cuts –
  • Reduction of Defense budget to 2002 levels – 422.18 billion dollars
  • Closing of 50% of U.S. held foreign bases – Open to purchase by country the base is present in.
  • Removal of all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan
  • All Military actions publicly known and unknown will be ceased in foreign countries

6. A Federal Move to Remove ALL Illegal Immigrants
  • ICE will investigate all places of business
  • States will be empowered to deport any illegal brought into custody
  • If States refuse to act, Federal Government will step in
  • Total Elimination of “Sanctuary Cities”
  • Those who are aiding Illegal Immigrants will be imprisoned for a minimum of 1 year (no chance for parole or reduced sentence)
7. Reduction of Minimum Wage to 1997 level - $5.15
8. Removal of taxes on Tips
9. Unemployment-
  • Will be limited to 4 months
  • Money received will be equal to an 8 hour work day at minimum wage
  • Cannot be extended past 4 months
10. Medicaid-
  • Totally transferred to the States
  • Removal of ALL Federal regulation
11. Medicare-
  • All new recipients will be given the chance to direct money toward former Insurer
12. Social Security-
  • All currently at, or above, age 55 will receive promised benefits
  • Those at, or above age 45 will receive a maximum of 75% of the benefits promised at age 68.
  • Those at, or above age 35 will choose to either receive a maximum of 50% of the benefits promised at age 70, to pay into Personal Federal Social Security accounts or can participate in a State, County, or Town created system.
  • Those at, or above age 18 can participate in Federal personal account systems, State, County, or Town created system, or can opt out of systems totally
  • State, County, or Town safety net systems will be allowed. Upon entering said system, the citizen will be exempted from paying into the Federal Social Security collection.
13. Document of Exemption
  • Document that allows the signer to exempt themselves from paying into Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare in exchange for signing away rights to said programs will be available.
14. Legalization of Marijuana
15. Removal of ALL subsidies, tax-cuts, and tax-breaks in ALL economic sectors
16. Further Federal Cuts
  • All Federally granted Education money
  • Recreation and Sporting Services
  • Protection of Biodiversity
  • Community Development
  • General Public Services
  • Transportation
  • All Foreign Aid
    (Total savings from ending these = $359 Billion)
17. Repeal of Anti-Trust Laws (Effectively nullifying all influence created by the courts)
18. Welfare
  • Increased focus in Fraud investigation
  • Congress shall set incentive for the finding of Welfare fraud
19. Federal Employee Salaries
  • All those making above $100,000, will be reduced to a salary of $100,000
  • Total Freeze in salary after prior point, no increases in any circumstance

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