Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Experience With the Occupiers in D.C.

    Recently I was in D.C. for the Defending The American Dream conference run by Americans for Prosperity.  It was really a great conference.  I met many very interesting people, discussed the issues, and got to hear speeches by some great speakers.  It was brilliant being able to meet the hundreds of other activists across this country who want to get rid the current "Change".  However, while the conference was going on, the rats of D.C. (no, not the politicians) decided they'd like to make a statement.

     Occupiers of the Occupy D.C. group actually crowded against the doors of the convention center on the night of Nov. 5th.  Unfortunately we Tea Partiers forgot our Guy Fawkes masks and thus these illiterates from the Occupy D.C. crowd thought we should be imprisoned in the Convention Center.  They locked arms and attempted to bar us from leaving.  I'd decided I'd watch Atlas Shrugged Part 1, which was being showed in the Center, and not waste my time trying to push through the unwashed masses (the smell lingered for while).

     Can anyone find the irony in the fact that these roaches are saying their rights are being taken?  I mean, does being forcibly imprisoned inside a convention center sound like something the Founding Fathers would have thought right?  But wait, I forgot, the 2000 people there are the 1% (though most are middle class).  They are the evil people, I included, who want to give corporations more power to destroy the rights of the poor.  Then it's okay to steal their rights. 

     While I watched the movie, these Occupiers turned violent.  They surrounded an elderly couple and wouldn't let them out.  When the couple attempted to move, they were pushed down by the protesters.  These two were later taken to the hospital by an ambulance.  Peaceful my ass.

     Later on during the night, the morons decided to stand in the middle of the street.  Funnily enough, a driver was given the greenlight (literally, there was a traffic light on one end), and instead of letting the protesters get into his car like they tried to do, he ran through them.  Yes, he hit 3 of the occupiers with his car and kept going, still doing the proper speed limit.  None of them suffered any major injuries.  Lucky for them I wasn't the driver.

     What is the point of this?  Quite simple.  I have discovered that I can't write these people off so easily.  They are now controlled by the radical left irrevocably.  They are violent.  They are the Mob.  They are a group of self-entitled social leeches.  I am now counting down the days that snow hits D.C..  My new Christmas wish is that frostbite finds each of these people.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wallstock isn't so Grassroots

     Alas, it is sad but true (not all that sad though) that our little protesters who we all thought were self-organized, self-controlled, and grassroots citizens are not so much any of those.  In fact, like many have been saying, they are funded and directed by organizations that should NOT suprise us.  As the Yuma Sun reported, they have recieved over $500,000 (a lot of money for those guys who just walked out of their parents' basement) from supporters, but for some reason they don't trust themselves with the money.  Go figure.  So they have turned to the Alliance for Global Justice, one of those good ol' Mom and Pap organizations who just so happens to have been a supporter of the Sandinista Communist movement. 

     When it comes to who they use to get their butts out of jail, who better than the National Lawyers Guild?  Of course we all know that lawyers are known for their stand-up-patriotism so these protesters must be in the right, right?  And on the matter of guilds, who do you suppose has been helping to organize all of these protests?  We've been told that it's all grass roots, but also according to the Yuma Sun, nope!  Our friends at the Unions are once again handing out their labor for the just causes of the little guy. 

     It is a fact that these loons aren't in their right minds.  Therefore they'd have to have help from other Left wing organizations. is a known contributor, and I think we can all say unison who's the guy funding them.  George Soros. 

     This isn't a new movement, it isn't even a new game.  The players have simply busted out new pawns.