Monday, December 26, 2011

Why We Need to Stop Antagonizing Russia

                One of the things that has recently come to my attention, or rather I took time to examine it, is the reemergence of Anti-Russian and more precisely, anti-Putin feelings.  Now I know that there are many of us who don’t care for the former KGB officer, however, do we know what the alternative is?  The fact is that Russia isn’t going out of the International theatre any time soon and, is we aware of what group would take over in Russia were Putin not in control?  I don’t think so.  When it comes to understanding the politics of other countries, we rarely care and when we do it’s usually only on the lines of if they are anti-American or not. 

                With the rise of the protests in Russia, it is easy to once again hope (naively) that a conservative, free market, pro-American government will come about if Vlad does not become president again.  However, what many don’t know is that the second most popular party in Russia is the Communist Party.  Behind them is the Liberal Democrat Party which calls for the regaining of Ukraine and Belarus to the country.  And then finally the A Just Russia Party, which calls for a welfare state and Democratic Socialism.  These are the alternatives to Putin and his party.  

                While Vladimir Putin has proven to be contrary, to some people, towards U.S. interests he has done many things that most Conservatives in the U.S. would welcome.  In his country he has implemented a 13% flat income tax, opened up oil and natural resources to extraction, made the country more business friendly and has allowed it to become an energy superpower.  If nothing else, he makes Obama look like the socialist he is. 

                And now, there are riots in the streets of Russia.  Many Media outlets are calling for new elections, saying that the last one was rigged.  Our old friend Gorbachev came out and called for Putin’s resignation.  Even Hilary Clinton came and opened her big mouth.  It seems that everyone is attempting to be the first to call for Putin to be out. 

                However, what do we want instead?  Do we want the Communists back?  Didn’t we beat them already?  Do we really want another Cold war?  What about the Just Russia Party?  They want to socialize the country.  And the Liberal Democrat Party?  They wish to reclaim the lost territory of the Soviet Union, or their “natural borders”.  All these parties would make the Russia of the last 10 years look like a walk in the park. 

                It’s time we realize that the politics of foreign countries aren’t as simple as they are here in America.  The idea that they are under systems like ours isn’t so.  Do I believe that we should be the greatest friends with Russia and Vladimir Putin? No.  However, I don’t believe in antagonizing the person who stands between the West and the reemergence of Communism.  Democracy should reign, and elections should be fair.  But the difference is that in the West, they aren’t crying against false elections, they’re calling for Putin’s head. 

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